None of it matters until you try

Building a business is very hard. It’s quite frankly one of the hardest paths to take when it comes to making money. That’s a fact.

For most of us here, we weren’t trained to become business people. School doesn’t typically set you up for anything like it. Neither do most things in your life.

Chances are your parents and relatives aren’t successful business owners either.

No matter where you’re from in the world or what you’ve been through, there will be challenges.

I believe there’s a mutual respect amongst business owners that went through those challenges on their own. I’ve never met anybody more successful than me who wasn’t willing to help or looked down upon me for even trying.

That’s because understanding the game and getting a piece of that pie is like reaching the final boss of your favorite video game. Success or not, it comes with respect.

You might not get it from your friends & family, but you’ll sure as hell get it from me and anybody else that has made something of themselves.

As much as your friends & family will be there to support you, they won’t understand why you’re taking such a big risk when that cushy, high paying job is available.

Guess what? That cushy job will be there for the rest of your life. Everybody wants to hire an entrepreneur.

So why not go out and try? Stop thinking about it. Go do it.

Chances are you’ll fail your first time around but you’ll learn a lot. You’ll learn even more the second time around, but you’ll probably fail too. Your 3rd, 4th, 5th time, however could play another tune.

But none of that matters unless you go out and try.

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