Adding Spotify to Home Assistant

Home Assistant recently changed the way Spotify’s configured so I wrote up a guide. This works with most versions of HomeAssistant but I used it with 106 & up.


  • Login to the Spotify Developers Console with your Spotify username and password.
  • Click Create a Client ID in the top right corner. A popup should appear.
  • Enter Home Assistant (or whatever) for the app name. Description doesn’t matter. Put “Automation” in the description. A new pop up appears.
  • Click the Non Commercial button on the right hand side.
  • Checkmark Website and then press Next. Next popup.
  • Click all 3 checkboxes and then click Submit.
  • You’ll see a new page with your newly created app.
  • In the top right corner, click the green button that says Edit Settings. A popup appears. We need to add Redirect URI’s and nothing else.
  • Create two redirect URIs. One that goes to your lovelace UI and the other to the appropriate URL. **Even if you have Nabu Casa or DuckDNS set up, just use your local http:// URL.
  • Click Show Client Secret. Open up Configuration.yaml and paste the keys directly or use secrets.yaml (like I have below)
  • Create a spotify key in your configuration.yaml file as shown below. I use the secrets.yaml file which is why you see !secret.
  client_id: !secret spotify_id (OR "clientidxyz")
  client_secret: !secret spotify_secret (OR "clientsecretxyz")
  • Restart Home Assistant by going to Configuration and clicking Server Controls, then Restart.
  • You’ll see a new notification in the bottom left corner for New Devices Discovered. Click Check it out, then click Configure under Spotify. Everything should happen automatically.
  • Once that pos up, you should see a pop up that says Success. Just click Finish.
  • If you have any other Spotify integrations, just click Ignore.
  • You’re Done!

Add Spotify to your Lovelace Dashboard

If you want to add Spotify to your LoveLace Dashboard. Click Spotify under Configured, then click it again.

You’ll now see a page with Automations, Scenes, etc. Just click Add To LoveLace at the top. **This seems to be broken in 106, but if you check your dashboard it might just show up so who knows!

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